34B 5'11 Porn Star, Model, Centerfold



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As Seen In:

Over 130 XXX Movies including:  "Dark City"; "Horat"; "Hustler's Double Shots"; "Live in My Secrets";  "Morphine"; "Sophia Illustrated"; "Uninhibited"; "Vamps";,,  with many more coming! 



TV Shows:





Hustler (cover) 




Available for photo shoots. Contact me at

Available for custom videos. Email me at  

Available for arrangements in Winston-Salem, NC  + Greensboro + Charlotte + Cricket +  surrounding areas + tons of other areas & willing to travel.   Fill out reservation form.  Anyone interested in seeing me, wherever you're at, fill out my form.    



Tour Dates:  

7/1                      Winston-Salem/Greensboro/Charlotte  NC        (indefinitely)      (Winston-Salem/Greensboro/Charlotte based)  










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